Engineered for Accuracy & Dependability!

Packaging Dynamics Ltd. introduces the Accu-Flo Liquid Bag Filler (SLA-V6BF) which utilizes positive displacement flow- meter technology while filling bags and in- corporates a custom conveyor for loading and unloading.

Our Positive Displacement Flow-Meters use two rotating thermoplastic impellers driven by flowing liquid. Magnets imbedded in the impellers activate a non intrusive sensor which generates a pulsed output signal. This process allows our fillers to achieve a +/- 0.5% accuracy and repeatability. The meter has only two moving parts, no bearings, no motors, no clutch, or brakes and is programmed through our microproc- essor touch pad for virtually any volume. This reduces the amount of mechanical moving parts and adds to the long term reliability of the system.

The size and output of the Flow-Meter ranges from 1/4″ NPT to 1.5″ NPT depend- ing on the size of the container, the viscos- ity of the product, and the speed required.

This equipment is available from single to eight head models that handle viscosities from water thin to gels and thick creams.