How long will it take for a machine to be delivered after it’s ordered?

We have many machines in stock and ready to be modified to your specific needs. Please call us at (631) 563-4499 to discuss your exact needs and we can give you a good idea of the anticipated delivery and setup date.

My company needs a machine custom built for us. Can you do that?

This is where Packaging Dynamics excels. We specialize in designing and building custom & prototype machinery. Contact us to discuss your special project.

How can I figure out which machine is the best one for the application?

All of our machines are designed to be flexible and can be modified to your specific needs, but your best solution would be to complete our online quote request, or call us at (631) 563-4499 and one of our technical advisors can help you decide what would be best for your individual situation. When you call Packaging Dynamics, you will speak to one of our engineers that can design a machine specifically for you, or modify one of our many machines to do the job you need.

I see you have Automatic and Semi-Automatic machines that do the same job. What’s the difference between them?

Fully Automatic machines require little or no manpower to run them. Just supply product and bottles to the production line. They are beneficial when production demands are high and manual labor needs to kept to a minimum to keep up with demand. The up front cost is higher but the reduction of manpower costs can add up to a huge savings over long term ownership. Fully automatic machines pay for themselves quicker. Semi-Automatic machines require more manual labor to operate. For smaller or startup businesses this may better fit the puzzle.

Our nozzles are from another filler manufacturer. Can you supply parts and/or reproductions?

Packaging Dynamics, LTD. Offers their own line of liquid nozzles. >From overflow to positive closure. We do offer replacement parts for many manufactures nozzles as well as reproductions from a sample..

Can you construct a machine using different materials that would accommodate my product’s acid content?

Yes we do. Our nozzles are normally made from stainless steel. But when stainless steel does not fit the application, we use plastics as well as Titanium or Hastelloy.

With the addition of equipment to my factory, my line layout has changed. Can you accommodate my conveyor changes?

Yes. Our design engineers can take your existing layout, modify it to accommodate all your current and future needs. Just send us your existing layout.

Our company has one of your older fillers and we have lost our documentation. How can we get documentation and parts?

Sometimes it’s as easy as sending us a photo with your finger pointing to the component you need. Packaging Dynamics, LTD. Has files for every machine built. If a part is obsolete we will find or make a replacement to solve your problem.

Our containers arrive from the manufacture with contaminants in them. Do you offer any machinery for this problem?

Packaging Dynamics, LTD. Offers both a bottle and jar cleaning systems. Contact us to discuss your concerns and cleaning problems.

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