About Our Company

Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. is proud to be celebrating over 40 years as a full service manufacturer of Liquid Filling Equipment and Machinery. We offer our customers a management team with over 55 years of industry experience, a full service machine shop facility and a design and engineering staff supported by Computer Aided Design systems. Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to producing the highest quality equipment which has been our hallmark since 1984!

Our Liquid Filling Machinery Designs include Automatic Rotary Fillers, Straight Line-Pressure, Straight Line-Time/Pressure, Pressure-Gravity-Vacuum, Semi-Automatic Fillers, Peristaltic Fillers and Rotary Gear Positive Displacement Fillers along with Portable Fillers such as our Bench Top Pressure, Time/Pressure and Piston Fillers.

Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. designs, engineers and manufactures all of its own filling machine nozzles and, upon request, customer specific custom and prototype nozzles. Our original equipment includes, but is not limited to, Gravity Feed, Vacuum, Pressure, Pressure/Gravity, Bottom Up Fill, Bottom Fill, Check Valve, and Positive Closure Nozzles. Materials used consist of PVC, Hastelloy, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, and Titanium. Accessories include Centering Devices, Micro-Adjusters, Sanitary Fittings, Container Handling Pucks and Adaptable Mounting Heads for other mounting styles.

We also supply ancillary equipment including Change Parts, Conveyors, Cappers, Labelers, Line Dividers, Unscrambler and Accumulator tables along with accessories. Line integration and custom PLC programming is also available.

Industries served include Cosmetic, Personal, Household, Janitorial, Automotive Products and others. Customer’s requirements range from Start-Up Operations to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. strives to provide modern, versatile and cost-effective solutions to your packaging problems while maintaining a design criteria of low maintenance, quick change-over, operator safety, efficiency and reliability. Given product samples, a solution can be found for almost any filling and product handling application.

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