Pressure Gravity Bottom Up Fill Nozzle (Bottom Fill Overflow Nozzle)

(Specifications Page)

Liquid Filling Nozzle specs page by Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. - Manufacturer of Automatic & Semi-Automatic Liquid fillers, Conveyors, Unscramblers, Accumulators, and Custom Designed Packaging machinery & nozzles for liquids.

A=Attachment thread size D=Cup diameter G=Sleeve length
B=Liquid tube diameter E=Overall length H=Sleeve diameter
C=Overflow tube diameter F=Space & washer diameter  

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  • Viton O-Ring seals
  • Sealing Washers
  • Graduated Spacers
  • Dual liquid ports
  • 316 SS Contact parts
  • SS sealing weights (Bottom-Up Nozzles)
  • Vacuum ports (Vacuum Nozzles)