Portable Single Head Piston Filler

(Specifications Page)

Portable Single Head Piston Filler by Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. - Manufacturer of Automatic & Semi-Automatic Liquid fillers, Conveyors, Unscramblers, Accumulators, and Custom Designed Packaging machinery & nozzles for liquids.


  • Air Controlled, Explosion Proof
  • Stainless Steel & FDA Approved Contact Parts
  • Accurate & Repeatable +/-.05%
  • Open Tube Nozzle
  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • Quick Change Handles
  • 2.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Hopper
  • Rotary Valve Design
  • Slow Down Discharge Switch
  • Sanitary Connections
  • Foot Switch -Single Cycle Activation


  • 5.0 Gallon Stainless Steel Hopper
  • Bottom Filling
  • Positive Closure Fill Nozzles
  • Check Valve Fill Nozzle
  • Larger Pistons & Conversion Kits
  • PLC Controlled Auto Cycle
  • Product Mixer
  • Adjustable Stand with Casters


Piston Size Range: ¼ oz. to 128 oz.
Pistons Available: Additional Sizes
Controls: Air Logic Circuit Adjustable Piston Speed and Stroke
Production Rate: Subject to product , Container Review & Manual Operation
Construction Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum
Overall Dimensions: 34.0″H x 10.0″W x 45.0″L
Electrics Requirements: Not Required
Air Consumption: 4 to 6 scfm
Weight: Approximately 30 lbs.