Positive Displacement Bag Filler

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Positive Displacement Bag Filler by Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. - Manufacturer of Automatic & Semi-Automatic Liquid fillers, Conveyors, Unscramblers, Accumulators, and Custom Designed Packaging machinery & nozzles for liquids.


  • Fully-Automatic Control Package
  • Positive Displacement Metering System
  • Stainless Steel Frame & Conveyor
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Stainless Steel Centrifugal Gear Pump
  • Polypropylene Supply tank
  • Nema 4 Electrics
  • Quick Change Rail & Nozzle Adjustment
  • Air Powered Bag Fixture
  • Bottle Filling


  • High Speed Volume Production
  • High Accuracy Fill, No Wasted Product
  • Low Maintenance & Operating Cost
  • Designed With Common Parts For Easy & Quick Replacement.
  • Adaptable To Fit A Variety Of Different Bag or Bottle Sizes and Configurations.
  • Fast And Easy Clean Ups
  • High Efficiency Motors
  • Available in Gear Or Mass Flow Type


  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Splash guard
  • Bottom fill nozzles
  • Centering devices
  • Sanitary connections
  • Explosion Proof Construction
  • Drip Tray
  • Stainless steel transfer plate
  • Incase Filling


Container Size Range: 2.0 oz to 55 gallons drums
Nozzles Available: 1 to 12
Construction: Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions: 79”H x 29”W x 24”D (excluding supply tank)
Air Consumption: 2 to 6 scfm
Weight: Approximately 500 lbs.